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Date: 4/22/2018
Subject: ACTION S&S club April/May 2018 Newsletter
From: Action ski & snowboard club (do not reply)

NEWSLETTER | Spring 2018
Prez Sez  |  End of the year party  |  M4 Mammoth Mountain
|  Salt Lake City   | 

Prez Sez

In reviewing this snow season, I would like to extend a very special THANK YOU to all of our board members for all of their contributions that make us “Action”:

Executive Board:
President – Roger Hiltpold
Vice President – Anne Branson
Treasurer – John Thomas
Secretary – Carole Badt
Membership - Carolyn Geissinger
Past President – Anna Marie Sorriso
Trips Coordinator: Leah Clark, Ken Hodge

Activities – Annette Behrman
Communications – Kelly Gorman
Marketing – Susannah Sunderland
Newsletter – Suzanne Rogers
SDCSC Rep – Rick Cole
Webmaster – John Pierce

It truly has been another respectable snow year for Action Ski & Snowboard Club with the culmination of our Mammoth St. Patrick’s Day 3-day trip being able to enjoy over 2 feet of powder, followed by a very long and fun weekend in Salt Lake City led by Anne Branson.  This season was definitely not like the previous record breaking snow season, but it certainly allowed us plenty of special moments.  Check out some of our trip pictures on our website  HERE

With our fiscal year ending on May 31st, we would be foolish not to be thankful for our tireless board members’ significant contribution this year taking Action Ski & Snowboard Club to the 20th Century with a successful roll-out of our new website.  This grandiose achievement was only possible with significant contributions from the following leaders: John Pierce (Webmaster indeed), Anne Branson (V.P. of everything), Kelly Gorman (Communications and Visionary), Annette Behrman (Action Activities Master), Suzanne Rogers (Newsletter Black Belt), John Thomas ($Man), Anna Marie (Marketing and All).  

I thoroughly enjoyed part taking in three of Action’s seven 2018 ski trips, which translates to a great batting average (in my mind).   But the more fulfilling statistic this season was the fact that our ski & snowboard trip and monthly General Meeting participation was very similar to past successful years.  We all have our members and especially our trip-leaders to be thankful for this achievement.  Please join me in thanking them for giving back to our club members and allowing “Action Culture” to thrive.  Thank you: Carmen & Gary Jahns (M1), Annette Behrman & John Thomas (M2), Carole Badt & Rick Cole (M3), Tom Sekreta & Roger (M4), Suzanne Rogers & Leah Clark (Telluride), Susannah Sunderland & Anna Marie Sorriso (Jackson Hole), Anne Branson (Salt Lake City).  Last but not least, without our Trip Coordinator “Leah Clark”, none of these trips would have been possible.  

As we are approaching our 2018/2019 fiscal year starting on June 1st, we will be seeking some help on the Action Board to fill vacant roles.  It is very easy to volunteer with us, as all you have to do is let me know at one of the next General Meetings that are being held on the first Wednesday of each month.  If you are interested in volunteering, we invite you to review the high-level board position roles  HERE.

Additional highlights for the year included Tom Sekreta, our M4 Trip Leader being voted “Man of the Year” by the San Diego Council of Ski Clubs, an accomplishment that Action is very proud of.   Nice going Tom!

For newbies that are contemplating Action membership, this is the perfect time to sign up on our website  HERE.  We are currently offering a membership opportunity for $20, which includes an invitation to meet our core members at the year-end party on held on May 19th, which includes dinner, beverages, dancing and more of the Action fun that you can expect from becoming a full-time Actioneer!  We look forward to meeting you there.

Roger Hiltpold 


The end of the ski season my be here for most of us, but it's the beginning of summer.
We will celebrate at Janet's house. The theme this year is Jungle Safari,
so break out your animal prints and safari hats, and join us for dinner, drinks, and dancing.
Please register on the club website so we can plan for food and drinks.


M4-Mammoth Mountain by Tom Sekreta

35 hardy excited skiers traveled Thursday night to our destination of Mammoth Mountain. Arriving at the
usual scheduled time, we departed the bus as a light fluffy snowed started falling. 

Friday, skiing was the best as the powder was deep and continuous. Every decent was a fresh powder run. Saturday a group of 10 went to June to enjoy its bountiful harvest. The rest of us skied Mammoth and
enjoyed a light falling snow with the abundance of powder on every run. 

Sunday the sun came out and the skiing was awesome with fresh packed powder everywhere. It was
sunny and warm and truly a fun day of carving and turning with confidence. The top was so full of snow
one did not require to look you just went over the edge and skied. The mountain was truly open to all.

Sunday the end of our skiing fun. We returned us to the bus with a 4pm departure and a full stocked
inventory of beer and wine. We stopped in Bishop for pizza. Fourteen pies were brought aboard and were promptly wolfed with nearly a sound.

I am are ever so grateful for the assistance, cooperation and fun brought by all who joined with us
and made this trip such a fun success It is bittersweet as this was the last of the Action Mammoth ski trips
for the season. 

Thank you Roger and Jessica for the assistance with making sure all enjoyed themselves with each condo dinner and celebration of our common bond that is skiing.

We will do it again next year!

Thank you.


By Anne Wehe

The boutique trip to Salt Lake City was a lot of fun. 14 Action Skiers made the trip to ski 4 areas and get a taste of the area. Everyone went to Alta on Friday, which had soft snow in areas and crunchy snow in others. That evening we all met at Squatters Brewey and Pub for a Happy Hour/dinner. Great food and an fun, happy, talkative group! 

Snowbird was our Saturday destination, with amazing snow and powder in the bowls and treacherous ice on front side. Some of us met at the bottom for a  beer and enjoyed the sunshine before greasing back to our hotel in SLC Downtown. We all met at the Tin Ange cafe for a group dinner and amazing food! 

On Sunday many skied Park City in sunshine, while a few went back to Alta and Snowbird and skied in snow and fog. Park City was fun, as we skied nonstop runs. Some of us had lunch in the village, while others explored Canyons via the gondol. Two members tried to ski Glory Hole - famous for its powder and bumps. Long run of ice bumps and chunks of frozen snow. Not a highlight. We had the sun, but the other group at Snowbird had the powder. 

Monday took us to Deer Valley and the hills of perfection. Still wondering how bumps can be so perfectly aligned. Once again, the bumps were icy and we stayed on the groomed runs doing laps. Got a lot of vertical feet in, but nothing very challenging. Nancy had new skis and she blew us all away with her speed. The highlight of the day was the tour Nancy gave through the homes on the ski run that had been decorated with animals. Bears, raccoons, elk... fun and majestic. Happy Hour at Deer Creek Apres Ski, then bus to the hotel where we got our luggage and on to the airport. 

Snow wasn’t great, but the company, laughter and camaraderie made it an excellent trip!

Major Highlight of the trip! 
If anyone has seen Marv’s gloves, they are 20% leather and 80% duct tape! He showed up at Deer Valley with brand new all new black ski mittens! Way to evolve Marv!

Pics in order are: group above mineral bowl at Snowbasin, deer Valley, Stephan and bears on house, Marv and new gloves. 



Curling like the Canadians
We are ready for our next trip to Canada! Actioneers got together to learn the icey art of curling.
Looks like we'll hava a team ready for the 2022 Olympic team.