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Date: 12/6/2017
Subject: ACTION S&S club Dec 2017 Newsletter
From: Action ski & snowboard club (do not reply)


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This month, for Actions holiday drive, we will accept
unwrapped gifts to donate to

Your gifts for newborns to 18 year olds will be greatly appreciated —
especially gifts for Teens


PREZ SEZ! by Roger Hiltpold 

         Ho Ho Ho Actioneers—

The San Diego Council of Ski Clubs hosted a CASINO ROYALE Gala on November 11th,
at the San Diego Bay Boat & Ski Club in Mission Bay.

Action was represented by a dozen attendees, who proudly supported our club's Woman
and Man of the Year contestants: Anna Marie Sorriso and Tom Sekreta.  Action's additional attendees included: Barbara, Linda, Dennis, Shannon, Anne, Carole, Carolyn, Rick, Jessica
and Roger.

Tom Sekreta beat out the other club finalists to take home the Man of the Year trophy for this year.  We are very proud of both contestants, who have needless to say, contributed a ton to shaping Action as a leading Ski & Snowboard club in southern California.  We thank you and congratulate both for their tireless and significant contributions!  

Action representatives took advantage of conveying our fun and leadership status to the
other ski clubs present at the Gala. The fun continued after dinner where we indulged in
poker, craps and other illegal activities that produced many laughs.  A grand time was had
by all that attended the well-organized and orchestrated event. 

With the year winding down to the holiday season, I would like to shout out a special thank
you to all board members, who have graciously given up quite a bit of their free time to passionately help Action further it's leadership position as a brand name ski club that is recognized for their "FUN" activities through out the year in southern California.  

From the Action board, we wish all of our members a wonderful and safe holiday season,
and see you on the slopes real soon!  Two of our Mammoth trips still have spaces available: 
February 22-25, and March 15-18.


Tom Sekreta with Man of the Year trophy!

Anna Marie Sorriso and Tom Sekreta—
Man and Woman of the Year contestants

Actioneers cheering Tom on to victory
 Action's Board collecting toys for Action's Holiday drive—Promises2Kids



Feeding San Diego:
Action Ski & Snowboard Club

On November 4th, 2017 Saturday afternoon, 10 Action and North Island
Ski Club volunteers connected to give back to our communities. Special thanks to the masterful setup of this event by Annette Behrman (Action Activities
Black Belt), our group of volunteers
were able to package close to 1 ton of loose carrots into 3 pound bags in 2 hours, which will be distributed to the hungry through charities all over San Diego.  We were sad to have missed Annette's presence for understandable reasons, but we gladly carried her spirit for volunteering in our communities.  

We had three new and returning members participate, for which we are very grateful: Norm, Tim and Mike.  Thank you all for supporting this cause.
As usual, Action regulars were present
as well, including: Anna Marie, Carmen
& Gary, Jessica & Roger, Lina & Dave (North Island).   

To reward our efforts, we could not help but travel across the street from the volunteer center to enjoy some Green Flash beverages.  This was indeed a very rewarding outing.  Well done Actioneers, cheers!




Action Ski and Snowboard club is offering you the chance to help San Diego County foster children in facilities have an amazing holiday! 

There are about 11,000 foster children in San Diego County, which is 3.8% of the population. Many of these children live with families, but others are in group housing, such as the Polinsky Children’s Centre. This center is a 24 hour emergency care center. Each month more than 300 children ages birth to 18 years old are admitted to the Polinsky Children's Center.   Many of these children are already feeling left, forgotten and abused. We want them to have a special holiday! 


  • Bring unwrapped gifts to general board meeting
  • Donate directly online from Action’s website (donate link) 

  • Contact Anne Branson at to arrange pickup
    of gifts (if you missed the General Meeting)

Gifts for Teens are especially needed this year. Gift Cards, wallets, purses, phone chargers...etc

Thank you for your donations. Your simple gift is worth a hundred hugs to these special children!


Ken's Rules to Ski By—How to Break a Leg or at Least Bust a Funny Bone!
Note: this is humor... enjoy the laugh!

• Helmets worn unbuckled are more comfortable
• Never wear bright colors, its easier to hide from the Ski Patrol and your buddies
• Ski fast and challenge Ski Patrol to a race
• Stay close behind snowboarders—They can't see you, so when they cut fast, you'll have the last laugh, as you ski them down
• Never test your bindings, but always carry Duct Tape—works well for most repairs
• If your feet don't hurt, your boots are not tight enough
• Yell at downhill skiers and snowboarders to get out of the way
• To get more runs in, jump off the chair lift before it reaches the top
• Ski beyond Resort boundaries. The ropes are a decoy.
• Ski Patrol saves the best snow for themselves and their buddies
• Never wear glasses, goggles or sunglasses. They will just get lost in the snow.
• Sunscreen is not needed either. Your doctor will be amazed at your 2nd degree sunburn.
• In a snow storm, go off into the woods by yourself and don’t tell anybody.
• Don’t eat any food or drink water all day. Three or four martinis at lunch will make you a better skier
• When you get really tired, take "one more" double-diamond run
• Find the steep and icy runs. Ski Patrol Sled are the most comfortable way down the hill and it's free
• If it looks like a blind jump, jump and yell, “Look Out Below“. if you don't see anyone, they are Not there
• Best way to crash correctly—ski down a run above your skill level—
   Apres ski bragging rights will ensure your nomination for a Darwin award

Please do enjoy the upcoming Ski Season and Please do ”Ski Safely”
See you soon on the slopes!!


Be Creative Have Fun
Splashing, Throwing Dripping paint on Canvas...just Like Pollack

Saturday December 9th @ 2 pm 

Hosted by Ken and Leah

20 person limit, $20 pp
Includes canvases, paint, drinks, light snacks

3211 Zola St, 92106

We will accept payment in advance only, by check to Leah Clark.




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