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Subject: ACTION S&S club July 2018 Newsletter
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NEWSLETTER | July 2018
Prez Sez  |  Happy Hour at Rimel's  |  
Action Volunteers  |  Upcoming Activities 


With Leah (Trip Coordinator) and the rest of the action board busy preparing our 2019 Ski trips, we have identified our ski trips schedule, which can be found on our website. We have listened to your feedback and are planning new and improved sleeping arrangements to avoid unwanted bed-sharing. Please stay tuned for details as we finalize our contracts.  We plan to post specifics about each ski trip by September, so for now keep your eyes on our ski calendar to plan your 2019 ski season with Action.


Thanks to Annette (Activities), we have a full calendar of events scheduled to keep Actioneers busy during the ski off-season.  Please help us better plan for these events by signing up early on our website: 

  • AUGUST 1: Picnic At Olive Grove Park. Join Action Ski & Snowboard Members for a fun, scrumptious, BBQ at Olive Grove Park. $5 for meal and drinks. Sign up now! We look forward to seeing you or meeting you at our biggest summer event.

  • AUGUST 10-12:LAGUNA MOUNTAIN CAMPING TRIP El Prado Group Campground-Big Sage Site.  Join Action for a camping and hiking trip to the Lagunas. The Big Sage group campsite in the El Prado/Laguna Campground is mostly flat, shaded and all ours. $50 per person includes camping, meals, beverages and parking.
  • AUGUST 18:Ramona Wine Tasting Trip: We have a 22-passenger minibus with seating around the outer edges that is a lot of fun. The cost is only $65/person 

Interested in what other San Diego ski clubs are doing?

Check out San Diego Ski Council's website, which Action is a proud member of:

Beyond San Diego, there are nine ski councils representing the far west. Details of the broader councils can be found on the Far West Ski Association web site at: This website will provide an overview of where the various ski councils are located. 

If you have any suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact one of our board members, and remember that we are always seeking new talent to help us lead activities and events, which is truly what makes Action culture thrive.

Hope to see you all at our annual picnic at the Olive Grove Park on August 1st, and other fun events.

Rick & Roger

The Happy Hour at Rimel’s Bar and Grill, June 28th, in Del Mar was very well attended. Lots of our usual characters like Shannon, Tom (Sully), Anne, Lina, Margie and Greg, Barbara, Chris, Mike and a few I can’t remember because I was a little tipsy.  I do remember newbies Diane limping in with a cast with her husband, Teri, and John, but I can’t remember all who attended.  We had an extremely good waiter, who assigned everyone a number and got your drink to you before you sat down.  The afternoon was such fun, great venue, and the half price food was tasty.  We should do another Happy Hour at this location!

Feral Cat Coalition Spay + Neuter Clinic
On July 8th and handful of Action volunteers, assisted our very own Annette "The Vet" Behrman, spay and neuter feral cats. As Annette did surgery, the rest of the Actioneers transported the 84 cats from station to station, washed operating instruments or helped with pre-surgery prep. 

We thank all of you for giving of your time!

More information about this program

A cat can get pregnant as early as five months old, and will typically have 2-3 litters per year, with average litter size of 3-5 kittens. In the US alone, it is estimated that about 2 million unwanted cats are euthanized in shelters every year. Feral Cat Coalition is dedicated to ending cat overpopulation and suffering by offering a free Trap-Neuter-Return program throughout San Diego County. Feral Cat Coaltion lends traps out to feral cat caretakers, who trap the cats and bring them to a FCC clinic. Cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and have their ears tipped to indicate they are sterilized, then returned to their outdoor homes to be monitored by caretakers. 
In 2017, FCC spayed or neutered 3,229 cats.
If you would like to learn or do more, their website is

Trap-Neuter-Return. Call our message center at (855) FCC-CATS, make a reservation, and bring feral and abandoned cats to our spay/neuter clinics. Humane traps, with instructions, are available for loan.

Volunteer. Give your time, and ask your personal veterinarian to do the same. Complete our volunteer questionnaire to get started.

Donate. Make a tax-deductible contribution via PayPal, or send a check to 9528 Miramar Road, PMB 160, San Diego, CA 92126. (Tax ID: 33-0590141)

Upcoming Activities