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Date: 6/17/2018
Subject: ACTION S&S club June 2018 Newsletter
From: suzanne L rogers

NEWSLETTER | June 2018
News Sez  |  End of the year party  |  Bow Willow Camping Trip  |  Bay Bike Ride  
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Upcoming Activities 
Newz Sez

Summer is here. if you want snow go south, otherwise we have a fun things up our tanned sleeves for this summer. We've got another camping trip at Big sage campground coming up in August (definitely no snow!) We've got, the always popular Guadalupe Valley Wine Tasting in September, and we will have some other outdoor fun, and happy hours, to fill our long sunny days. Now, take a look at what we have been up to the last month — Looks like we had a good time to start off our second favorite time of year!


The animals came out for Action's annual, safari themed, End of the Year Party May 19th. As the photos to follow seem rather tame, you will see that once the lights were off theThe animals came out to parteeheehe (as the hyenas say!)

An incredible spread and handemade desserts by Anne. 

Just getting started

John Thomas ready to leap into action

To a Wild New Year!
Party on Tom, you animal!

Bow Willow Camping Trip
By John Thomas
 Last month a group of 25 Actioneers went camping at Bow Willow campground in Anza Borrego State Park.  Located 16 miles north of I-8 in the southern end of the park, Bow Willow has about 20 campsites and is perfectly situated for exploring the park.  Most of the group had come camping with the group previously but there were a few “newbies”, Mike Goldman, Annie Frederick, and Pat Miller (Shannon’s son).  
Most everyone arrived at camp in time for dinner the first night which consisted of grilled chicken, burgers, brats, Hawaiian Baked Beans, and salad followed up with tasty desserts such as Keylime Pie and Apple Pie. It was a pleasant evening. Everyone enjoyed sitting around the campfire talking, and gazing at the stars.

The next morning, after a tasty breakfast, everyone laid out their plans for the day. Several hiked to nearby Mountain Palm Springs, a small oasis in the desert of palm tree near a spring.  Ken Hodge, Tom Sekreta, Tess Zwicky, Martha Way, Barb Perkins, Rick Cole,Greg & Margie PytanowskiandGary Jahnsset out on that trek.

MeanwhileTom Walters, Tom Sullivan, my brotherSam, and I decided it was going to be too hot (a high of 90 degrees) to hike so we decided to drive around the desert in my air conditioned truck.
We drove through Canyon Sin Nombre which is a beautiful meandering wash surrounded by huge cliffs of dried mud that were carved out by erosion over milenia.  The road took us to Arroyo Tapiado, a similar wash where there are mud caves.  We’ve explored the caves several times in the past so we drove on through the canyon and out of it onto a plateau where the road got very sandy.

Unfortunately my truck is only 2-wheel drive and eventually we got stuck. Bummer!  There was nobody around to tow us out, but luckily my wheels were not buried too deep, so we dug the sand out, put several flat rocks in front of the back tires and everyone pushed while I drove and managed to get back onto solid ground. The guys were pretty sandy when they got back in the truck!  I We were relieved we got back to camp in time for Happy Hour!

Happy Hour was a nice time — beer, wine, and margs complemented by chips and homemade salsa plus brownies made by Carmen Jahns.  Everyone enjoyed lounging in the shade under the pop-ups while the temperature finally dropped to a more comfortable level.  Dinner that night was a feast of grilled tri-tip, salmon stuffed with crab, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, and dessert. Camping Action-Style!

Another great trip with a great group of people, and I want to say thanks Tom Sullivan and Tom Walters for all of their help with the cooking and thanks to Carmen for the goodies she brought.
Finally thanks to everyone who came,  I had a great time hanging out with everyone! 
John Thomas

Twelve Action members (Margie & Greg, Rick C, Tim, Peter, Denise, Annie F, Mike G, George
(on his OneWheel), Tom, Daphne and Linda) rode around Mission Bay Bike for the
June 10th Bike Ride. The weather was warm and sunny and everyone had a great time!
The Catamaran patio was a great place to cool off and get refreshments.  
A few of us added a loop around Fiesta Island.



Feral Cat Coalition spay/neuter clinic on July 8 at Grand Animal Hospital in PB from 9:30-2. Still room for 4 more volunteers.

Upcoming Activities